Next Meeting Sept 20 2014
  • Newsletter April 2014
  • April 2nd - FFG Board Meeting
  • April 5th - Turn in items for the 2014 Fashion Show
  • April 12th Fresno FiberArts Meeting 5340 North Fresno St.
  • Jan - April -The Fresno FiberArts Guild is pleased to offer a $1,000 scholarship application. Applications must be received by April 14th. And also $100 Grants by May 1st.
  • May 17th Fresno FiberArts Fashion Show - enrties due on April 5th.

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    See Spring 2014 Expressions with FiberArt Fashion Show
    and Members Exhibits - Raffles

    Promote preservation of traditional needlework techniques and other fiber art form. Encourage experimentation in contemporary application and techniques. 
    Strive to educate the public about the value of artistic and handcrafted items.  Encourage cooperation, creativity and quality of craftsmanship.
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